Zeek: The Nostalgic Appeal

Sarasota photographer, Zeek provides viewers with a nostalgic theme throughout his portfolio. In all of his shots, portraits and landscapes, he uses grain effects and washes the color in order to make things look older and surreal. Many of his shots feel like a scene from a childhood flashback, reminiscing about old friends and memories. His portraits specifically use the sun and creative compositions in ways that look make the models look romantic and dreamlike. The distinctive glow emanating from the sun surrounds the models, and the slight silhouetting that Zeek uses further creates this aesthetic.

Zeek is also great at finding new compositions to switch up the cliché locations that are used in countless portraits. A lot of his shots are on beaches, in nature, or on the streets. However, Zeek plays with the focal lengths, and the foreground and background to flip these locations into innovative shots. He can align the model, as well as the background into a harmony that makes the picture a supremely pleasing visual.

Additionly, showcasing Zeek as a great photographer is how he can use his static images to provoke thoughts of the scene around it. Every shot that Zeek takes makes the viewer think about what is going on outside of the frame. Shots of a woman on a swing, or even a child on a skateboard are put together in such a manner that the image feels like so much more than just a single frame. The viewer can vividly feel the emotion and the atmosphere around the shot.

Zeek’s portfolio is a remarkable collection of his art. His color palettes and visual compositions appeal to the nostalgia that resides in the back of all of our minds. It’s a beautiful way to capture moments, which is clearly one of Zeek’s impressive superior talents.


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