Sué: Florida Photographer, Worldwide Wanderer

Sué boldly identifies himself as photographer first, in all caps. He then classifies this talent as worldwide. Originally from Broward County, Florida, Sué is not foreign to the places he has yet to go. Recently spending some time and some film in New York, he describes it as one for the books. He is currently exploring Atlanta and we shall see what comes of that.

Sué primarily shoots in 35mm format which produces the standard focal length view. The nostalgic and intimate nature of his work is apparent of this kind of film. Also, he is definitely no amateur who brands cameras around his neck for show. Rather you will see a Supreme fanny around his shoulder and camera in hand ready to use. Sué is always in gratitude mode when he can see the world through the lens.

He is open on social media about what photography means to him. It has been 2 years since photography changed his life for the better. He describes it as teaching him patience and persistence. Ultimately, “a solution to his [my] problem”, Sué is dedicated to the craft and does not plan on ever putting it down. The way photography has forced him to overcome mental health setbacks is commendable and truly an inspiration. His work speaks for itself.

Not only will you see Sué behind the camera, you will see that he is not shy in front of it. A different physical perspective allows him to continuously “appreciate the world and life in different shoes”. Sué’s transparent and genuine work and ethic in photography presses him forward through new concepts and visions.