Joel Rivera: Statistic Productions

Joel Rivera is a photographer and videographer from Orlando, FL. Through the investment of Statistic Productions, he promises to capture and create your image. Rivera’s portfolio consists of lifestyle, events, and portraiture. However, he is not just another photographer falling stagnant under the statistic of these categories. Rivera is rather finding himself in the process of solidifying his style through his work.

Beginning Statistic Productions in 2016, Rivera launched with a funky and psychedelic logo. With lenses for eyes, Rivera is ready to see the world through the camera. His early work following this utilizes bright colors and kaleidoscopic angles. His openness and eagerness to delve into photography is apparent. Also notably apparent is his dedication to progress. In less than a year of picking this craft, he finds himself shooting at his first wedding event. Rivera’s early skills with hues and tints while photographing and editing aid him in capturing memorable and personalized moments.

Moving into 2018 is where Rivera starts photographing more portrait work and specific still-life subjects. There is also a cross between what he captures often combining them in one image. Rivera began with capturing the world around him and things he seemed to miss out on before because of not taking the time to just look. His more recent work represents this growing appreciation matched with breaking out of a comfort zone. He is also branching out with camerawork through videography. Coming soon is a project called “Cigs and Serious ANXIETY” which portrays his experience with mental illness in his life through abstract expressionism.


INSTAGRAM @joel_r1796