“Salad Days” with Crummy Gummy

Mauricio Murillo, also known as Crummy Gummy, is a contemporary photographer from Orlando, FL. Currently on display at Contemporary Art Gallery Snap! Orlando is Murillo’s latest series “Salad Days”. As he puts it, this project is a portrait series featuring young adults living in Florida who are discovering their identity through fashion and one’s own self-awareness. Referring to this time in a young adult’s life as ‘salad says’ is a metaphor. It represents the variety in which the salad of a person’s existence can be tossed.

Murillo’s work can be described as riveting, revolutionary, and rare. He provides the perfect platform for people our age to express themselves freely in front of the camera. The colorful portraits are taken in front of unique backgrounds. Each subject is clad in their own expressionistic attire. All of them are comfortable and their presence is completely validated by Murillo. The unapologetic themes of breaking gender norms and freedom of statements are central in Salad Days.

Along with this popping series, Murillo’s ideas include combinations of everyday objects and human subjects. They create the illusion of coexistence and unity and trick our brains into thinking these images into normality. It is apparent that Murillo has many more projects under his sleeve yet to be conceived; and we are definitely here for it.

For more follow him on Instagram @crummygummy or visit Murillo’s website at crummy gummy.com.