Mike T Shot It – Michael Turner Photography

Based out of Tallahassee, FL, Michael Turner is a photographer seeking to share his talents to those who seek to capture and view meaningful moments full of life, happiness, and self-expression. With almost three years of experience behind the lens, Turner has already created an impressive portfolio with a wide range of subjects.

In all of his shots, viewers can see the extent to which his skill with shooting and editing comes together to present a picturesque image. This ability allows him to excel in all forms of photography and implement photographic techniques to achieve a beautifully composed shot in the various environments he finds himself in. His fashion shoots are a standout as you browse through his portfolio and make his skill with lighting apparent in how the subject comes out as the focal point of the shot. Capturing a subject’s expressions and poses while maintaining a balance with their background is strength of Turner’s that one can easily appreciate.

In addition to fashion photography, Turner has experience working with couples seeking to celebrate their relationships through snapshots of their shared existence. He is able to capture moments between couples in a way that radiates joy and love through the image and allows viewers to truly appreciate the bond that has been formed between the two individuals. It’s no surprise that his excellence in the space has presented him with numerous opportunities to photograph at weddings and capture beautiful moments shared by newlyweds.

Turner’s collection is full of beautiful moments captured with vibrant individuals who are representative of the positive emotions that he strives to capture through his work. If you seek to view images that bring out those emotions in yourself then his work is definitely something to look through. His shots are viewable through his Instagram @theonlymiket or his website miketshotit.com.