The Anharchist: “How 2 Be a Butterfly (In a Day)”

Anh Pham is the genius behind a collective she describes as vintage and eclectic. Curated for those willing to #meltTHEmold, Pham is both stylist and photographer bringing her clothing brand Anharchy Official to life. Taking pride as a visual artist, that label is an understatement for a creative such as herself. Pham’s work seems like something out of an I Spy book except you don’t know what you are looking for. And you don’t quite seem to know exactly what you are looking at. But that is the beauty Pham gathers inspiration from; not knowing specifically how a caterpillar will look until it has become a butterfly.

“How 2 Be a Butterfly (In a Day)” is an on-going series Pham utilizes for her upcoming vintage clothing brand. Along with photographing her subjects, Pham has created a video series to showcase how each one breaks out of their shell for the shoot. “‘How 2 Be a Butterfly (In a Day)’ is meant to create commentary on our fast-paced consumerist culture that seeks instant gratification and immediate results,” she states. Through these videos on her Youtube channel, Pham shines light on topics such as mental health, gender norms, and beauty standards. She creates a welcoming and safe atmosphere for her models to blossom.

Pham styles every model in Anharchy Official, and does their hair and makeup. She establishes the perfect balance in bringing out her vision through those who wear it. Creatively directing shoots is obviously her forte as she manages to fuse all the colors and all the props flawlessly into one photograph. Each picture in the series tells a story of its own; one that isn’t meant to be taken at face value. “A combination of colors, objects and models are used to illustrate elements of pop art and pop culture. The playful and vivid tones are meant to contrast dark themes with a child-like aesthetic to represent the youth in modern society.” The stories behind the images itself shed the chrysalis of your mind and compel you to patiently take a closer look. It only takes a day.


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