Constantly Moving Forward with Luce the Wise

Originating from Jacksonville, FL Clayton “Luce” Harrell, also known as Luce the Wise, created CMF. The acronym stands for Constantly Moving Forward. CMF is a multimedia collective group made with the goal of moving art and culture into the future through every project.

With photography being his main focus, Harrell has experience with many different art forms as well. This is apparent in his camerawork as he draws ideas from various ways in which he views the world. Ultimately, Harrell craves to push the concept of living in a fantasy world. Merging our existence in reality and the deep depths of our subconscious, he conceives a vision you would not expect. Whether Harrell births something out of a dream or a nightmare, his goal of twisting your perception is never out of reach. Harrell works with delusions on either end of the spectrum. Most of his projects include distorting images with black and white or using the brightest of colors. He takes pride in shifting mundane sights we have become all too accustomed to, to images that play games with our minds.

Along with fantasia photography, Harrell created a clothing line called Rahkie (@rahkieusa) with the slogan ‘risk it all’. This goes hand in hand with the message of CMF. Harrell proves to be committed to risking it all in order to constantly move forward. He even has ‘CMF’ tattooed on himself to show his dedication to the cause.

Check him out on Instagram @lucethewise and join the movement. For more on CMF follow them on Instagram @cmfcollective.