Celia D. Luna Photography: Vibrant Vibrations and Views

Born in Peru, Celia D. Luna’s childhood vibrantly emphasized culture and color. Now based in Miami, an artistic style shapes her photography. Due to her upbringing and her current life, she describes her work as direct, evocative, and memorable. Luna is a fashion and portrait photographer from South Florida who draws influence from as far as her eyes can see behind her and in front of her. Branding herself with an ocular likeness, Luna establishes her talent and her work through the lens of life.

Mastered in gathering connection from what is around her, Luna has a love for travel just as much as for photography. She often journals of her experiences in new and different places using her words and her camera. Determined to bring to the present forefront the truth of life, Luna respects the past and shapes the future. She mixes conventional groundings with modern muses. Color is no confusion for her as she pairs perfect hues and clusters of complexions.

Her portraiture is strongly feminine as she promotes her beliefs in the magic of girl power. Crafting the consciousness with clothes and carefree characteristics, Luna successfully assembles a cornucopia of compassionate spirits. It’s as if she carefully handpicks her muses through an unmistaken aural view. The lens grants her the utilization of this view, but it stems from within and resonates through.

Luna is the one to watch as she not only creates still images but films as well. She writes stories through her work and her experiences, and they are definitely not meant to be missed.


INSTAGRAM @celiadluna
WEBSITE celiadluna.com