Azael Del Rosario: In Search For Light

Born and raised in the Dominican Republic and now based in Tampa, FL, photographer Azael Dl Rosario is constantly exploring for illumination. A mechanical engineering and computer science student with an extreme passion for camerawork, Del Rosario began with concert, landscape and architectural photography, and has more recently turned to portrait shots. His skill in this grows tremendously featured in Vogue Italia not too long ago. Clearly light furnishes Del Rosario’s work as he produces scintillating images.

Del Rosario’s journey is one of stability and progress. From the start with his energetic concert shots to colorful scenery and subjects, Del Rosario finds the light and uses it well. His images are captivating as they rope you in to different aspects and angles of the picture. The contrast sets just right to place emphasis on the parts where the light hits perfectly. Every part is so interesting that you must examine it all before moving on to the next one.

Del Rosario is also keen in using the blur effect to spotlight the center or the subject of the image. Operating it in a way in which your eyes are drawn to what is clear at first. Later they involuntarily draw towards the blur to make sense of the obscurity. Much in the same way, Del Rosario nails down the clarity in moments filled with movements. The musicians he captures are seldom still. The intensity and stamina of the task of conveying sound through the body is scored into Del Rosario’s visual artwork.

Del Rosario’s photography inspires fashion, originality, and life. His work and talent remain unmatched, and is the true definition of undying radiance.


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